Back to School Must-Haves & Teacher Wishlists

Back to School Must-Haves and Style

Teacher’s Amazon Wishlists

I asked my followers, who are teachers, to send me their amazon wishlists. I would love if you were able to help these teacher’s get their school year started! I will list their name, grade they teach and the link to their Amazon wishlist. I don’t know any of these women personally, but they were all sweet and very appreciative! To all the teachers out there, thanks for all you do and I hope you have the best year!

Brittany teaches kindergarten.


Brandi teaches kindergarten-2nd grade.


Amanda teaches third grade in Charlotte, NC.


Susanne teaches 5th Grade.


Kassidy teaches 1st grade in Utah.


It is Allison’s second year teaching in National City, CA.


Jeanette teaches 6th grade. It is her third year teaching, and at a new school.


Linda teaches 4th grade.


Alyssa teaches 2nd grade.


Katie teaches 3rd grade in Iowa.

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