Little black dress and the holidays

Getting all geared up over here because there’s over a week until Christmas and I’m so beyond excited. Christmas is the best when you hav little kids. The magic of Christmas is literally in the air and seeing their eyes light up when they see decorations and lights makes my whole world. Every year, we have a small elf which I’m sure you’ve seen all over the place “Elf on the Shelf”. Our elf’s name is Chippy and every morning he gets into mischief and the kids are always so excited to see what he’s up to now. It’s a fun tradition we like to do with them! Try it next year! It’s tons of fun.

I wanted to share this super adorable dress today. It’s a pencil dress with a little flare on the sleeves which I’m totally loving. It’s comfortable to wear while pregnant and will still look so cute post partum. I’ve really been looking for good dresses lately that are quality and I’m able to wear to events. I have a lot of casual items in my closet, which I love because that’s what I wear 99% of the time. But it is fun to be able to dress up a bit! This dress gives me all the feels because it’s giving me that dressed up look and feel but it won’t break the bank and it’s not too over the top. Versatile pieces are essential when you’re a mom! Or at least for me they are.

And how exciting! I have a discount code. SheIN is doing a charity for pets. Can’t make it to the sample sale? Use my code “Brittany” to get 20% off on the entire site! @shein_us All proceeds will be donated to help their rescued animals. Charity Sample Sale will be in L.A on Dec. 15th. #SHEIN4paws

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