Making Holiday Shopping a Breeze

Making Holiday Shopping a Breeze

Growing up with sisters we had countless wars over clothes! The worst was around the holidays when we had tons of parties to go to and would steal each others sweaters! Now, it’s a running joke in our family to lock the closets before we visit! Clothing is still our number one gift we give to one another for Christmas. I have shopping on eBay for years now because of the variety of inventory they have to offer. I can finds personalized gifts for everyone on my list and be done! I’m a huge list maker. So when it comes to the holidays I start making lists for each person I need to buy in September. I simply jot down different ideas that come to my mind throughout the months and when I’m ready to shop just refer to the list! I actually love holiday shopping because I always sneak to a quite spot, usually in our guest bedroom, enjoy some nice Christmas music, pull out my computer and mark everyone’s gift off on my list! When I start shopping I turn to eBay first! I know it’s my one stop shop for tons of brands + everyone on my list!

One of my favorite brands to purchase off eBay is Free People! They always have the latest sweaters that I can grab for myself and gifts for my sisters (so I can ensure they don’t take mine). I also just grabbed a cooler, the Yeti, for Trevor that he has been eye for months now! I love the range of gifts you can get all from the same site! Also, did you know that 69% of eBay‘s items ship for free? So nice & convenient! A tip I do have for shopping on eBay would be to always check “Buy It Now” option! This ensures no bidding and it’s yours as soon as you pay!

I linked some my favorite winter sweaters, scarves, and blouses I’ve gotten! I hope you guys have been having the best holiday so far and can’t wait to hear about all your finds! XO

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