White Christmas – Family Photos

Christmas photography backdrops

White Christmas – Family Photos 2017

It’s that time of year again! You know it, family photos! They can be a super stressful time. Trying to get the babies to smile, finding matching outfits and a time that works for everyone in your family seems almost impossible! Through all the chaos it’s nice to take a step back and appreciate these special moments I have with my family. Every year I love to get us all together and take Christmas card photos (will be sharing our cards soon) that we send out to our friends! I’m excited to share our photos and also our outfits!

A lot of you have asked me what are some good outfits to wear for family photos. I’ve been asked questions like is it important to match? Or should we all wear one color? Honestly, every family is different with different styles! Make sure to stay true to your style and not try to go too overboard! I like to keep our pictures classic and beautiful! The dos important thing to remember while taking family photos is to be comfortable! If you don’t feel comfortable while posing, the photos probably won’t look that good! Trust me, I’ve learned from experience!

Below I have linked everything each of us is wearing down to the boys hair gel ( I always get questions about what we use to make Mason’s stay so well). Also with Monroe’s dress I didn’t have her wear the jacket that came with it and just had a onesie on under the sleeves. My dress runs large so size down for sure.

Here are some tips to help family photos go smoothly 

1. Plan outfits out a few weeks (if you can) or a few days before. Have an idea of what look you’re going for.

2. Pick a day that works for your whole family and set aside at least 2 hours to get to where you’re taking your pictures and be back home. Don’t rush it. Make it fun.

3. Schedule photos with a photographer several weeks in advance

4. Bring snacks!! This will keep you and your family happy and not hangry during the photos! Or eat before.

5. Pack a spare shirt or dress. You never know if there will be an accident with your outfit! PLUS – hang up your dress shirts + dresses in the car and don’t wear them on the ride (I know it sounds like a lot and this is specifically for dressier shoots) but if you watched my IG stories the day we did this shoot we went by Chick Fi La on the way up to the mountains so I had a happy + full belly family. Heaven forbid some special sauce spilt on the white clothes! Plus it’s more comfortable. Another note: Also the shirts I get Mason are a little more on the pricer side but they are amaze balls because they don’t wrinkle! Linked below.

6. Have an idea of how you want your family to pose. If you can, try talk about it the days coming up + make it sound fun. I keep talking to Mase that we were going to be taking family pictures with Mrs. Paige and it was so special because it was fro Christmas! At least have an idea of what you want your pictures to look like! This will make the photos go much faster! I tend to like more candids simply because of the ages of my kids. Another thing is to look on pinterest.









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