Gift Guide: Cold Weather Must-Haves

12 Days of Christmas – Day 1
Gift Guide: Cold Weather Must-Haves

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I am so excited to be sharing the first of my 12 Days of Christmas with you guys! The plan is to share 12 gift guides with you guys over the first 12 days of December. So without further adieu…

Today it is Cold Weather Must-Haves! I moved up to Utah about 10 years ago and I’m not going to lie, at first I loathed the cold weather. I’m a Vegas girl so it was such a big change for me. Now living here for awhile I have come to LOVE the cold weather, the snow, and the constant change in seasons! I think having my own little family helps too because I’m always wanting to cozy up to them next to the fire and read books or watch a good movie!

So, I have come up with some Cold Weather Must-Haves for the season! These are things I’ve got around my house and make the chilly months so much easier & so enjoyable! So of my favorites are the hats, scarves, and gloves! I always keep a little box in my car of these items during the winter because you will probably need them and it helps to keep them on hand! I also loving having a good mug to take on the go! I love to bring a drink everywhere with me but need something warm! Last but not least I love a good lip moisturizer! The MAC one has always been a top choice of mine! I love how easy it is to throw in your purse and it’s the best lip conditioner! Not to mention Trevor & Mason never steal it from me because they think it’s a lip gloss! Yay, chapsticks always go missing around this place!

Also, I talked about out favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe & Hot Chocolate Recipe on the blog earlier this week here! Along with decorating our house for Christmas & Traditions, here! These little things help the cold weather months seem so cozy and loving! I have listed everything below and why I love them!

I hope you guys enjoy this gift guide and have the best day! Stay warm! XO


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